The Government Resident of the Northern Territory reported in 1889: “After careful inquiry I am of the opinion that this is the attitude of the aborigines towards Europeans: Entrance into their country is an act of invasion. It is a declaration of war, and they will halt at no opportunity of attacking the white invaders.” Aboriginal people fought hard to defend their land; however, spears and boomerangs proved no match for gunfire. Thousands of Aboriginal people were brutally massacred; even more died from introduced disease and sickness.

Since the invasion of Australia, the Aboriginal people resisted the colonisation of their land. The invaders pushed Aboriginal people off the fertile lands into controlled settlements; in the face of continuing resistance, and justifying their actions by a belief in the superiority of their Western civilisation. Some areas of the Northern Territory that were inaccessible and unwanted were set aside as 'Native Reserves'. Later on these reserves were given ownership to Aboriginal people through the land rights act 1976. Many Aboriginal people worked on cattle stations. For decades they were not properly paid; nevertheless they stayed in their country and continued their responsibilities.

The Australian Aboriginal communities remain the most vulnerable sectors of the society throughout Australia. Some parts of Aboriginal communities are worse off than the poorest African communities in the remotest regions of Africa. Australia abolished its white Australia policy in the 1970’s, but its constitution continues to portray white Australia policy. The Australian government still refuses to acknowledge Aboriginal people as the first inhabitants of Australia through its constitution. Four out of seven Aboriginal children are damaging their brain by paint and petrol sniffing before they even get into teenage life. The Australia’s injustice was systematically engineered by the power elites to make sure that Aboriginal communities won't progress to have knowledge, in order to control Aboriginal people’s resources freely.

It is very apparent that at each historical point in time, Aboriginal communities have suffered from a deep rooted distrust of giving practical effect to their rights, and the idea of justice. Among Australia's elite today, there is a habit of blaming Aboriginal communities for their harsh lifestyle in order to hide Australia’s injustice. The lack of justice is affecting all citizens; it is especially affecting the white Australians ethically. This deficit of justice has impacted the Aboriginal communities adversely throughout many generations; resulting in physical and psychological torture, enforced separations from their family members and even death. Most importantly, this phenomenon has been manifested not only during the British colonization, but also in the present.

A historic national referendum was took place in 1967 by the Aboriginal communities’ and their supporters’ hard work and determination. The largest majority ever recorded, ninety one per cent of Australians voted ‘Yes’ to amend the constitution to give the Federal Government the constitutional power to make special laws on Aboriginal affairs which could over-rule any state legislation. The Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 was a fundamental piece of social reform much needed to move forward. It was a significant victory in the struggle for land rights. The Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 was the first attempt by an Australian government to legally recognise the Aboriginal people’s land ownership and put into law the concept of inalienable freehold title. The land rights act has provided land for many Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory and so enabled them to re-establish their cultural identity.

When the Act was passed; the former ‘reserves’ - inaccessible and unwanted lands became Aboriginal land. The only land able to be claimed is unalienated Crown land – land that no-one else is using or has an interest in. As a result of an amendment to the Aboriginal Land Rights act by the Hawke Government, no more land claims could be lodged after June 30 1997. Land successfully claimed is granted under inalienable freehold title. It cannot be bought, acquired or mortgaged. Communal title is formally vested in Aboriginal Land Trusts comprised of Aboriginal people who hold the title for the benefit of all the traditional landowners. It is not held by Land Councils. The Northern Territory Government cannot ‘compulsorily’ acquire the land. As the owner, the Land Trust may grant an interest over that land for homes for Aboriginal people or workers, for Aboriginal businesses, or for any community purpose.

Establishment of Land Councils: The Land Rights Act established the Northern Land Council and Central Land Council. Anindilyakwa and Tiwi Land Councils were formed from areas within the Northern Land Council region. The Land Councils are representative bodies of elected Aboriginal people. The councils determine policy and employ expert legal, anthropological and land management staff to assist Aboriginal people in the claiming and management of their land, the protection of their sacred sites and the financial management of income received under the Act. The Land Rights Act sets out how exploration ‘looking around’ and mining must be done on Aboriginal land.

A mining company must provide details of its plan and a Land Council must consult with traditional landowners about that plan to explore on their land. Traditional owners have around two years to make a decision, which may be extended if the company agrees. If traditional owners say no, the mining company and any other company will be blocked for five years, unless the Land Council applies to remove this block. If traditional owners say yes, the mining company and traditional owners must make an agreement about looking around. The company must provide further details and make a further agreement before mining, but traditional owners cannot block mining if they say yes to exploration.

Allocation of the funds from Royalty: All money paid to Land Councils arising from mining agreements or other land uses is held in trust by Land Council for traditional owners. Land Council must pay these monies to traditional owners within six months of receiving the money as determined by the Land Council, Monies will generally be paid to royalty associations which have rules about distributions to their members, When a royalty association spends money, it must tell the person to whom it pays the money what the purpose of the payment, All royalty associations must report the names of people receiving payments, and the dates, amounts and purposes of payments to the Land Council.

Aboriginals Benefit Account: The Land Rights Act establishes the Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA). Payments are made to the ABA from the Commonwealth and the Territory based on how much mining has been done on Aboriginal land. Money in the ABA: A proportion determined by the Minister goes to the Land Councils  (40% of the ABA money was guaranteed to fund the Land Councils), 30% goes to the areas affected by  mining, and, the balance is for the benefit of Aboriginals living in the Northern Territory and may be used for community grants and administration of the ABA. The job of the ABA Advisory Committee is to ‘advise the Minister’ about how to use the balance of funds for the benefit of Aboriginals living in the Northern Territory.


Taiaiake Alfred is a Kahnawake Mohawk educator and writer and the founding director of the University of Victoria's Indigenous Governance Program. He accuses those celebrating the 400th birthday of America in 2007 as turning a blind eye to the genocide of the continent's native people. "It's hard for a native person to be anything but shocked and saddened to the core by the effrontery of it all. In essence, a surreptitious celebration of the conquest of our homeland and the destruction of our people in the service of imperialism and the expansion of the white race. It marks the era that saw indigenous peoples ravaged by diseases introduced by European settlers; on average, Aboriginal communities lost 75 per cent of their populations, and the dispossession of their homelands by fraud and deceit - not a single treaty entered into by the English Crown or the US has been honoured by the settlers."

Canadian Aboriginal people's land Title is an unresolved issue that creates conflict with settler society over the natural resources. Today many generations have passed, yet no treaties have been negotiated and Aboriginal people’s land question remains unresolved. Resort developments on Aboriginal people's territories are a growing source of conflict. In reality, treaties were no more than rubber stamps for the legalized stealing and plundering of Aboriginal People's land. Most of the land is unceded and without treaty; however, Canadian Aboriginal people retain their jurisdiction according to British law. Deceitfully, Canada has been one of the very few nations to refuse signing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Declaration. 

Until Canada recognizes that treaty rights are both human rights and collective rights, there will be no resolution to the ongoing conflicts between Canadian Aboriginal people and the state of Canada.Canada's so called "Aboriginal Problem" is caused by the illegal occupation of Aboriginal People’s land by settlers. The dilemma results from the colonial state's failure to resolve the issue of the indigenous peoples' right to own and use their lands and resources. Aboriginal Title was confirmed in 1997 by the Supreme Court of Canada decision: Delgamuukw v. BC. In BC, where only a tiny fraction of the land is under treaty, land rights are most contentious. The Aboriginal People’s land rights issues are several different but related grievances. There has been the humiliating imposition of British supremacy that went with colonisation. 

There was the shameful treatment of Aboriginal people in early treaties by means of which valuable land was obtained "for an apple and an egg," amounting to theft. As Aboriginal protesters frequently state: there can be "No Justice on Stolen Land" There has been widespread duplicity of settlers who have refused to stick to treaty agreements. Settler society has flouted its own treaty laws if obeying the law meant that greedy land grabbing would have to be curtailed. Canadian government, in cahoots with corporate interests, have been following a devious and destructive policy of "divide & conquer," playing Aboriginals against Aboriginals by offering divisive and corrupt deals, luring some poverty struck Aboriginals into accepting bribes and jailing others for standing up for their rights.

Saul Terry was trained as an artist and in 1978 he produced a rock painting as a protest action against Canada. Chief Terry believes that the St'át'imc people have the right to benefit from their resources instead of suffering third world living conditions, But in 1998 he made a notable statement rejecting the treaty process as a way to achieve justice: "We are being asked to give our consent to eradicating or renouncing that we are distinct Peoples, with distinct identifiable territories, with our own governing systems, with our own distinct languages and histories. We are being asked to use our power of consent to deny to our future generations the benefits of Title from their homelands. The traditional leaderships have been usurped by neocolonial leaderships that are working with the settler governments to bring this aberration of settlement to a final conclusion. This is not self determination, this is permission to be self administering Canadian laws and systems."

The Canadian legal system recognizes Aboriginal title as a sui generis, or unique collective right to the use of and jurisdiction over a group’s ancestral territories. This right is not granted from an external source but is a result of Aboriginal peoples’ own occupation of and relationship with their home territories as well as their ongoing social structures and political and legal systems. As such, Aboriginal title and rights are separate from rights afforded to non-Aboriginal Canadian citizens under Canadian common law. Most Aboriginal People did not believe that pieces of land could or should be owned by individuals, along with all other living beings, belonged to the land. The land provided for humans, and in turn, humans bore a responsibility to respect and care for it. Many Aboriginal peoples understand this as a reciprocal relationship with the land.

European settlers arriving in North America brought with them concepts of private property ownership, and the notion that humans could, and should, own land as a step towards “civilization.” In 1763 the British Crown issued The Royal Proclamation, a document that recognized Aboriginal title during European settlement of what is now Canada. The Proclamation states that ownership over North America is issued to King George III, but that Aboriginal title exists and can only be extinguished by treaty with the Crown. The Proclamation further specifies that Aboriginal land can only be sold or ceded to the Crown, and not directly to settlers.

From the eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries, Crown representatives and leaders of Aboriginal communities signed treaties throughout most of Canada in an effort to resolve issues of outstanding Aboriginal title. These treaties set out agreements as to the nature and limits of Aboriginal rights and title. Crown representatives interpreted these treaties as a “blanket extinguishment” of Aboriginal title. However, many have argued that at the time the treaties were negotiated, Aboriginal signatories did not understand the treaties as limiting or extinguishing their title. The Supreme Court would later confirm that treaties should be interpreted with the Aboriginal People’s interests in mind (Simon v the Queen 1985).

The Australian and the Canadian governments would not give adequate land rights to Aboriginal people that easily; if they do it defeats the purpose of invading others’ homelands to have more resources. Canada also treats its Aboriginal people badly. Canada allows its Aboriginal people to live in their lands as Australia, but refuses to give adequate land ownership to them, in order to control the resources. This tactic allows the Canadian and Australian governments to have full control of the money profited from the sale of Aboriginal people's resources. It is all about money and ruling others. The Western governments have created Israel based on the history, and the circumstances of the Jews. However, they have refused do the same for the indigenous people of Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand.

We have enough tangible evidence to prove that the indigenous people of Australasia and North America were the first inhabitants of Australasia and North America more than anyone could ever prove that Israel belongs to the Jews. Clearly, it was easier for the Westerners to create a country for the Jews on others’ homeland to have a Jewish state as “the representatives of the West”, in order to control the Middle East. The same people who acknowledge the Jewish state have refused to acknowledge indigenous people in their homeland. It is nothing but a double standard of the Western governments. Can both freshwater and saltwater flow from the same spring? Obviously, the Westerners who have refused to acknowledge Indigenous people in their homeland for centuries would not have started the Arab Spring for the benefit of the Arabs; they have an ulterior motive. 


I am a part time human rights writer; however, I have been facing extreme censorship and financial hardship in the Western Countries due to my writings. I have been writing to spread awareness nationally and internationally about the Aboriginal communities’ harsh life in Australia and Canada. Due to the Australian government’s injustice in the outback and detention centres, I wrote many letters to the federal and state ministers about their awful treatment of Aboriginal people in the outback; and refugees in the detention centres. Due to my writings, I was threatened by the government authorities. I was banned from the RMIT University in Australia in 2004, while I was making students aware of Australia’s harsh treatment of its Aboriginal people and refugees.

However, the University allowed me to sit for my final semester Business degree exams under the security as a criminal. When I started to make awareness internationally, the Australian government not only stopped me from getting a job, but they even stopped me from selling my house, which led me to file for bankruptcy. In 2008 the Australian government stole my passport, deleted my citizenship details from the database, and threatened to throw me in a detention centre as an illegal immigrant. My citizenship certificate no: ME9701311V, issued on 26/03/1997 has disappeared from the system, still the Australian government hasn't given a reason. I wrote to the United Nations, and also to the other country leaders about this barbaric action.

Due to the International pressure, the Australian government had decided to reinstate my name in the citizenship database. Finally, in September 2008 I received a new passport and moved to Canada under the skilled migration program to live a normal life; and also to have freedom of opinion and expression to carry on my writings to promote human rights. In 2014, one of the biggest Australia’s leading social justice law firms Maurice Blackburn Lawyers has declined to take my case. I wasn't surprised at all to me, because I tried to get a human rights lawyer in 2008 to reinstate my citizenship, but wasn't successful. The Australian government won't allow me to fight my case, because it will be an international embarrassment for Australia. 

As a human being I would not do to others what the Australian government has been doing to me. "I do not focus on the hardships that I face due to my actions that I have taken towards the injustice, but only on my dream that the injustice will turn to justice in due time." This is my own quote, and it gives me courage and strength to carry-on, no matter what circumstances or difficulties I am going through. The Australian government must be held responsible for all of my hardships. The Australian government must understand one thing clearly; it can prolong to deal with its own people’s suffering in the outback, but cannot ignore it forever. The Australian government believes that keeping me in financial hardship and isolation are the solution for what have been happening in the outback. It is simply wrong, it will backfire on all Australians in due time.


After four years living in Canada, I found that Canada does not practice what it preaches to the developing countries, in terms of democracy and human rights. The ideology and histories of Australia and Canada are the same. I should not have moved to Canada. Nevertheless, while I was in Canada I have read hundreds of political books and gained extensive knowledge of North American history and world politics. Canada also treats its Aboriginal people badly; and the Canadian government also felt uncomfortable with my writings.

Canada allows its Aboriginal people to live in their lands as Australia, but refuses to give full ownership to their lands, in order to control the resources. This tactic allows the Canadian government to have full control of the money profited from the sale of indigenous people's resources. Again it's all about money and ruling others. I believe that my emails and phone calls were closely monitored by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and Australian Secret Intelligence Services (ASIS). Since I began exposing Australia's and Canada’s dirty democracy, the Canadian government has deliberately diverted incoming calls to my voice mail and deleted all the messages.

I have changed three mobile phone companies and mobile phones, but still the incoming calls were getting diverted to the voice mail, but I did not get the messages. Between December 2010 and April 2011 I have applied for hundreds of jobs in Canada, including seasonal Christmas jobs. However, the Canadian government has stopped all incoming calls and emails to prevent me from getting a job. I was remanded for a night in Canada under sexual assault. My lawyer Douglas King from Pivot Legal Society from Vancouver laughed at the case, and said there is nothing for them to take this case forward.

Finally, the Canadian government withdrew the case after I have informed to the other countries' leaders through the Embassies and High Commissions in Canada. The Canadian government also stopped my welfare payments under false accusation, and made me to live with homeless people in Ottawa. According to the UN human rights article 23, everyone has the right to work, but my rights have been denied due to my writings. Canada has the largest Sri Lankan Tamil community, including my own brothers, relatives and school friends; but they have done nothing to me. Tamils always trust the Westerners more than their own people. I would not have suffered this much, if I was born as a Sinhalese.


I went to Germany in 2011 to tell the story of the injustice I have experienced in Australia and Canada. However, the Germans did not allow me to work in Germany, in order to stop my writings. Therefore, I had to apply for a political asylum. Since I had applied for a political asylum, I was placed in a filthy camp in Germany, few weeks later I was placed with three others in a one bedroom apartment. I was not allowed to work. I was not allowed to leave the city without permission. I could not even afford to buy a winter jacket.

I never lived in this kind of condition in my life. In January 2012 my mother passed away in Sri Lanka. It was my responsibility to be at the funeral. I requested for permission to go to Sri Lanka for the funeral, but I was told by a German immigration officer that they would not grant me permission. I was also told that if I wanted to be at the funeral I had to withdraw my political asylum application, and leave Germany for good. Using my mother`s funeral to hide the dirty democracy and human rights abuses of Australia and Canada is not humane.

After I had few discussions with my family members, friends and relatives, I withdrew my political asylum in writing. However, the German Immigration still refused to return my passport. I desperately wanted to attend my mother’s funeral. I called everywhere to get my passport back, but no one was willing to return it. Finally, I found out which immigration office had my passport. I went to the immigration office and got my passport. I came to my apartment straight from the immigration office to get my luggage to catch a flight, but they have changed my apartment lock.

Due to this dirty act I could not get into the apartment to get my luggage; therefore, I could not catch the flight on time to attend my mother’s funeral. The Germans deliberately stopped me from attending my mother's funeral. They have enjoyed doing this to me as they have enjoyed killing millions of innocent people in the gas chambers. Financially I couldn’t help my mother in her last days, and I couldn’t attend her funeral. These are the two things I found hardest to endure in my life, in order to help the Aboriginal people. 


New Zealand is a small country among Five Eyes, but Prime Minister John Key is a Jew. Generally speaking Jews try harder to please the Americans, the British and Australians to protect their country in the Middle East. This is the reason I suffered a lot in New Zealand more than in Germany. In May 2012 I have moved to New Zealand. Regrettably, the New Zealand government has been supporting the Australian government at the expense of democracy. I have an Australian business degree, and have been working as an accountant in Australia. However, I could not even get a basic accounting job for years.

It is very obvious to me that the Western governments were preventing me from getting a job, in order to keep me in financial hardship to hide the Western Countries’ dirty democracy. In February 2013 I had a two months contract role as an accountant. After six years they had allowed me to get a job as an accountant. However, I was locked-out from my apartment on the day I started the new job. I could not change my clothes. Next day I went to work without sleeping. What a coincidence; the owner of the apartment was in overseas, and he didn't appoint a power of attorney to change the lock.

The police didn't help me to get into the apartment either. This is the system of the Western governments who preach democracy and human rights to the world. Nevertheless, I have managed to hold on to my job. I was doing my job well, but they have been deleting my daily tasks which I have saved on the common drive. All of my work saved on the common drive were deleted, or added some additional data to make me as an incompetent accountant. They were deleting my work, or adding data every night for weeks. I have also saved my work in my USB drive and confronted them, but they told me that I did not save it properly on the common drive.

I have been working as an accountant for more than ten years, but they were telling me that I did not know how to save a file. In May 2013 they have terminated my contract role based on incompetency, and refused to give a written reference letter. Now they can stop me from getting a job based on incompetency, instead of my writings. They can delete my citizenship and my daily tasks at work; it does not mean that they are going to fool the world, and rule the majority Asians forever in the name of democracy, human rights and rule of law. I do not consider setbacks as stop signs. In fact, after every setback I execute the next step diligently. 

From May 2013, I have applied hundreds of jobs, including labour jobs, but I couldn't get a job. The message was clear, no job for me until I stop exposing the Western Countries dirty democracy. The way the Western intelligence members create ill stories to isolate me from others is really unbelievable and shocking. The Western intelligence members use my email account and mobile phone number to send dreadful emails and text messages to my friends, in order to make others think that I am not normal.

They also write foolish and deplorable comments under my name to online news articles. This is how they make others to avoid me; in order to hide the truth. They also delete others' emails, text messages and voice-mails in my email account and phone to make sure that I am isolated. In 2014, I have requested the details of all incoming text messages and phone calls on my mobile number from the Vodafone New Zealand. But it has refused to provide the information. I was told that the law does not allow them to do so. Of course the law helps the Western governments to hide their dirty democracy.

The western intelligence members also follow me wherever I go and spread lies about me, in order to keep me in perfect isolation. They are not keeping me in a prison cell, but in an open air prison; so they can preach democracy to others to rule the world. They make sure that I do not stay in one city long enough to make friends. They force me to move to a new city, in order to isolate me perfectly. It is easier to make others to believe the Western governments' lies, if people do not know me well enough.

It was impossible to get a job in New Zealand due to my writings. Therefore, I applied for a Flexi-Wage - Self Employment grant in February 2014. Flexi-Wage helps people to get government assistance to start up their own business. We were fourteen people in the group. I was the first one who completed the business plan to start an accounting firm. An accountant gave a lecture about small business legal structures, tax obligations and other related topics to run a small business. I was correcting the accountant's mistakes, because I was more updated with the current rules and regulations than the accountant who gave us the lecture about small businesses.

At the end of lectures, the accountant asked me why I was in that class; because I knew a lot about small businesses, including tax obligations and government regulations. I told him that it is a long story, but gave a print-out to him to read about my struggles as a writer in the Five Eyes member countries. The accountant’s name is David Miller, Telephone +64 4 2389189, Email As I predicted, the government of New Zealand has declined my application. I have forwarded my business plan to the New Zealand media and diplomats to see the injustice of the Five Eyes.

The Five Eyes doesn't even allow me to get a job due to my writings. Do you think it would allow me to run a business? I wasn't naive; but I wanted to prove my claim that the people who don't live in their own countries are merely preachers of democracy and human rights. Julian Assange and Bradley Manning trusted the Western Countries' democracy and human rights. We all know what have happened to Assange and Manning. Mr. Snowden who trusted Russians is free, but Assange and Manning who trusted the people who preach the democracy, human rights and rule of law have ended in prison and trapped inside the Embassy in the UK. I was in an open air prison. And I didn’t know how long I get to do my writings to enlighten others, but I was making the most of it.

In 2013 I was in Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. While I was there I exposed the West's dirty democracy. When I came back to New Zealand I couldn't even get a temporary accommodation at a youth hostel. I was asked to leave even from the youth hostels. I was told that I owe money to others. I wanted in writing, but they have refused to provide details. Everywhere I went I was told that I owe money to others, but refused to give anything in writing. I was shocked to see how easily average Kiwis were falling for their government intelligence members' lies. 

Between 2012 and 2014 I lived in New Zealand, and tried very hard to get a human rights lawyer to fight against the Australian government; but nobody would take my case. Finally, I left New Zealand in 2014; but left my car in Wellington with a Tamil gentleman from Jaffna. I left my car for them to think that I will come back, so they won't create a story to stop me leaving the country. Few weeks later I asked the Tamil Gentleman to sell my car, pay the balance owing to the finance company and send the rest of money to me. However, no reply for my emails and phone calls. I informed his contact details to the finance company, but the finance company hasn't recovered the car. Most likely this had been done deliberately to question my professionalism and honesty. Tamils always help foreign powers to undermine their own people. They are disgracful for the 21st century humanity. 

The Western Countries have nothing to hold onto to keep their power; if it is proven that they don't have the genuine democracy. China has taken the manufacturing sector, and India has taken the service sector. Only thing left with the West is democracy, human rights and rule of law; if they lose that they lost everything. It is their status quo. But I am determined to remove their mask to show their real face to the world. In fact, I am born for this particular task; and I am determined to accomplish it. I was denied access to my Facebook account, since I started to expose the Western Countries’ dirty democracy.

However, I have created a new Facebook account, but lost all of my important photos that I took while serving the Australian Aboriginal people. According to the UN human rights article 19, everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, but my freedom has been taken from me due to my writings. As a human being I would not do to others what the Western governments have been doing to me. "I do not focus on the hardships that I face due to my actions that I have taken towards the injustice, but only on my dream that the injustice will turn to justice in due time."

This is my own quote, and it gives me courage and strength to carry-on, no matter what circumstances or difficulties I am going through. The Australian government must be held responsible for all of my hardships in Australia, Canada, Germany and New Zealand. The Australian government must understand one thing clearly; it can prolong to deal with its own people’s suffering in the outback, but cannot ignore it forever. The Australian government believes that keeping me in financial hardship and isolation are the solution for what have been happening in the outback. It is simply wrong, it will backfire on all Australians in due time.


The Western Countries are the masters at occupying the high ground, and translating it into great power. In their hands morality becomes a weapon, they wield to attract attention to their cause while distracting attention to others. They make such a show of moral superiority that the others feel ashamed to disagree with them. The Western Countries have killed millions of innocent people, yet they present themselves as moral superiors. In fact, the British knew the meaning of democracy and human rights from the 12th century, but they never practised it while killing millions of innocent people to takeover others’ homelands and resources.

They are free to do whatever they want, by waving their magic cards so called “democracy and human rights”. In fact, the Americans, Australians, Canadians and Kiwis do not even live in their own country. If that is the reality then how can they talk more about democracy than others? The Spanish took part of South America, the Dutch and Portuguese took part of South America and Asia, the French took Africa, and the British took most parts of the world. Millions of innocent people were killed by the Westerners. More than a hundred million indigenous people were killed in Australasia and North America.

Twenty two million Africans were killed during the slave trade. Fifty nine million Indians were killed by starvation while the British rulers were sending India’s food to the United Kingdom and Europe. Furthermore, more than one million people were killed in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. But no-one was held accountable for those innocent people’s deaths. However, the British and the Americans kept the records of Nazi Germans’ atrocities in detail, and exposing them to the world, in order to cover-up their own atrocities.  The Western Countries will never admit their atrocities; if they do then they can’t keep themselves on top.

The West is extremely clever in disguising their ulterior motives and dirty tricks. The Western Countries’ core focus in the Middle Eastern countries is oil, not democracy or human rights. It is all about exploiting others’ resources and keeping others under them. According to the Independent newspaper of London, Britain discussed plans to exploit Iraq’s oil reserves with some of the world’s biggest oil companies five months before it joined the United States by invading the country in 2003. Citing previously secret documents, the newspaper said at least five meetings were held between British officials and BP and Royal Dutch Shell in late 2002.

BP privately said to the British Foreign Office that Iraq was "more important than anything we’ve seen for a long time." The documents were obtained by the oil campaigner Greg Muttitt, author of the new book Fuel on the Fire: Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq. “Mr Blair famously said in early 2003, ‘The idea that we’re interested in Iraq’s oil is absurd, it’s one of the most absurd conspiracy theories you can imagine”. While he was saying that, there was an internal secret document revealing the British strategy to exploit Iraqi oil, and it said, “Britain has an absolutely vital interest in Iraq’s oil”.

We all know what have happened in Libya. Currently, Libya is divided by two groups. One group is backed by the UN and the West; and the other one is backed by the ISIS. Recently, the UN backed group asked the UN to remove the Arms Embargo which was placed by the UN since the West started to fight against Gaddafi. However, the UN refused to lift the Arms Embargo. It is clear that the West does not want to remove the Arms Embargo and help the UN backed government of Libya to undermine the ISIS. It is very obvious to me that the West wants to see ISIS become a monster to undermine Syria, Iran and Asia.

I heard Obama's speech on ISIS. He said that the ISIS has been posting very attractive speeches and video clips on social media networks since 2011 to seduce the young people. However, In 2016 only he has appointed someone to deal with it. Why it took so long for the US to counterattack the ISIS's propaganda? I can't believe that the representatives from sixty countries gave a standing ovation to Obama; instead of questioning him why it took so long to counterattack the ISIS's attractive propaganda on social media networks.

Terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna said that ISIS has been using the social media to expand its agendas, but nothing has been done to counterattack it. However, my Facebook accounts has been suspended or cancelled when I wrote about the struggles of Australian and Canadian aboriginal people. But ISIS had no problem. It is clear that the Facebook was created to achieve the Western interests. This is why I believe that Asians must control the social media in Asia. Otherwise the West will use those social media against Asia.

Whoever exposes the Westerners’ dirty democracy has been treated as their enemy. The American soldier Bradley Manning, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden they all have sacrificed their lives to inform the truth to the world. They are heroes for exposing war crimes, the true civilian costs of the US wars in the Middle East and the spying network on the innocent Americans and on the world. However, Bradley Manning faced all kinds of interrogation and abuse, on top of solitary confinement. The government of Ecuador granted diplomatic asylum to Julian Assange, citing genuine concerns that his human rights might be violated by the US for exposing the truth. Edward Snowden received a political asylum in Russia.

I have read a book about Bradley Manning; he wrote that he couldn't overlook how the developed countries have been taking advantage of the developing countries' resources. That was the reason he passed all the information to Wikileaks. If a person from a developed country has prepared to sacrifice so much for the developing countries, then how much we Asians have to sacrifice for our people? The Americans placed Bradley Manning in all kinds of interrogation and abuse, on top of solitary confinement. The US government would do the same to Julian Assange and Edward Snowden; if they brought those two heroes to the US soil.

I thank Russia for its courage to protect Edward Snowden. According to my own experience the Western countries are doing far more tricks than what Edward Snowden has revealed. The Western cyber intelligence networks block my emails, change the context of my emails, and create derogatory emails and text messages, in order to undermine my credibility. They delete text messages, voice-mails and emails to isolate me. And they also post derogatory and foolish comments for online news websites under my name to discredit my character, integrity and knowledge.

Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning don’t have a degree, but the world knows them. Why those three gentlemen have been recognized by the World to talk about the Western countries’ shortcomings, but I am not. It is clear, the Western democracy’s shortcomings and human rights issues are the Westerners' topic, not for Asians to discuss. However, the West is using human rights issues in Asia to undermine Asians. It is clear that the Western countries are trying to keep the rest of the world under them in the name of democracy and human rights.


In 1946, an alliance of five countries, the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand developed a series of bilateral agreements over more than a decade that became known as the UKUSA agreement. It has been established for the purpose of sharing intelligence. The arrangement is so secretive the Australian Prime Minister reportedly wasn’t informed of its existence until 1973. Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, David Lange, once remarked that “it was not until I read this book [Nicky Hager’s “Secret Power”, which detailed GCSB’s history] that I had any idea that we had been committed to an international integrated electronic network.”

He continued: “it is an outrage that I and other ministers were told so little, and this raises the question of to whom those concerned saw themselves ultimately answerable.” There has been no debate about the Five Eyes’ legitimacy or purpose, partly due to the lack of publicly available information. Those five countries’ population is only six percentage of the world’s population; but their power is inconceivable. It is an injustice to the world’s majority. In 2010, the US and the UK declassified numerous documents, relating to the creation of the UKUSA agreement.

The intelligence agencies involved in the alliance are the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA), the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Canada’s Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), and New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). Under the UKUSA agreement, the five main English-speaking countries took responsibility for overseeing surveillance in different parts of the world. Britain’s zone included Africa and Europe, east to the Ural Mountains of the former USSR; Canada covered northern latitudes and polar-regions; Australia covered Oceania.

Each Five Eyes partner collects information over a specific area of the globe, but their collection and analysis activities are orchestrated to the point that they essentially act as one. Precise assignments are not publicly known, but research indicates that Australia monitors South and East Asia emissions. New Zealand covers the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. The UK devotes attention to Europe and Western Russia, while the United States monitors the Caribbean, China, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. Allied spying more broadly is a common activity. In 1960, when Bernon Mitchell and William Martin infamously defected to the Soviet Union, they revealed the scope of NSA’s activities, reporting that: “We know from working at NSA that the United States reads the secret communications of more than forty nations, including its own allies.

NSA keeps in operation more than 2000 manual intercept positions. Both enciphered and plain text communications are monitored from almost every nation in the world, including the nations on whose soil the intercept bases are located.” The NSA has other coalitions, but intelligence-sharing is more restricted for the additional partners: the 9-Eyes, which adds Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Norway; the 14-Eyes, including Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Sweden; and 41-Eyes, adding in others in the allied coalition in Afghanistan. It was reported in 2010 when the UKUSA documents were first released, that Norway joined the eavesdropping network in 1952, Denmark in 1954, and Germany in 1955.

Italy, Turkey, the Philippines and Ireland are also members. The NATO member countries also provide a platform for intelligence sharing. Singapore and South Korea are playing key roles aiding Australia and the United States to tap undersea telecommunication cables linking Asia, the Middle East and Europe, further leaks from former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden's documents revealed. The NSA map, published by Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad overnight, shows that the United States maintains a stranglehold on trans-Pacific communications channels with interception facilities on the West coast of the United States and at Hawaii and Guam, tapping all cable traffic across the Pacific Ocean as well as links between Australia and Japan.

The map confirms that Singapore, one of the world's most significant telecommunications hubs, is a key “third party” working with the “Five Eyes” intelligence partners. Access to this major international telecommunications channel, facilitated by Singapore's government owned operator SingTel, has been a key element in an expansion of Australian-Singaporean intelligence and defence ties. Majority owned by Temask Holdings, the investment arm of the Singapore Government, SingTel has very close relations with Singapore's intelligence agencies. Indonesia and Malaysia have been key targets for Australian and Singaporean intelligence collaboration since the 1970s.

Much of Indonesia's telecommunications and Internet traffic is routed through Singapore. The leaked NSA map also shows South Korea is another key interception point with cable landings at Pusan providing access to the external communications of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Information is gold; the West has unfair advantages by having access to enormous information all over the world. Therefore, Asia must find a way to minimize the information gathered by the Western countries. The West also imposes its own agendas and creates divisions among the people through the social network websites.

During the regime change in Libya, its former leader Muammar al-Gaddafi had disconnected the internet service nationwide, yet the Libyans were asking the Western countries’ help to remove their leader through the YouTube. I really wonder where that video had been filmed and uploaded. Therefore, Asia needs its own social network websites. Sooner or later Asia must block the Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter and YouTube, or have absolute control over those social network websites otherwise a disaster is inevitable in Asia.


I have done two researches to understand what have been going on in the West as well as in Asia for centuries. The billions of Asians are divided, and they don’t have any protocol to unite Asia to move forward. Chinese have their own ideas, so do Indians, Japanese and South Koreans. I have been researching Asian politics in depth. I have been living in Asia since May 2014. I have also traveled extensively in Asia. I am learning a lot about the status of Asia; and it has been an eye-opening experience. I have found that the Asians are divided more than I have imagined.

The Asians don't trust each other that easily; this is a huge advantage for the West. It will keep the West one step above the Asians.And it will continue to help the West to keep the billions of Asians under them; unless we do something about it. I believe that China is the only country has the ability to lead Asia. India must accept this reality. The Indian Subcontinent was ruled and divided for 2000 years; it has been divided by caste, religion and language. Even Modi gets 10 lives through reincarnation he can't unite Indian Subcontinent. Remember, the West defeated Germans, Japanese and almost the Russians too.

Germany and Japan were very successful, but Germany was bombed twice, and two atomic bombs were dropped in Japan. That was it, those two countries surrendered unconditionally. Since then those two countries can't declare war on any country; because their constitutions do not allow them to do so. In fact, if those two countries don't have such constitutions the Americans and the British wouldn't have allowed them to come-up. Having economic success doesn't mean a guaranteed superpower status. Asian countries are the biggest weapon buyers in the World. This is a clear indication where the Asia is heading. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIRP) the region of Asia has the highest percentage of volume of weapon imports.

India tops the list for the biggest weapon buyer in the world. China was the biggest weapon buyer in the world until its import fell and placed second to India. The communist country procured several new locally produced weapon systems such as the first Chinese aircraft carrier and the Chinese mass-produced combat air-crafts J10 and J11. The production of its own weapon systems only shows that China is decreasing its dependence on arms imports. India’s neighbour, Pakistan, is the third biggest arms importer ordering substantial numbers of combat aircrafts, submarines and frigates from China and the US.

Followed by South Korea accounted for 5% of global arms imports; however, it doesn't include nuclear and chemical weapons or other WMD. And Singapore is the fifth largest weapons buyer, accounting for 4% of global arms imports. The Western Countries have similar culture and almost the same religion; but the West had gone through the First and the Second World Wars. How Asia is going to unite and prosper with our current leaders who do not have the ability understand the value of unity?

The West is extremely powerful and constantly dividing the other parts of the world to keep its power. It is very obvious to me that the communists, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists do not have the ability to avoid a disaster in Asia, unless we educate them. Most of the people in the Asian countries are relatively poor. However, in few decades the Asian countries middle-class families will be doubled; and they will be rich and powerful enough to prove something to each other by declaring wars on other Asian countries. A disaster is waiting to happen in Asia. Therefore, we must create an awareness, in order to bring unity among the Asian countries.

An organisation must play an important role to unite Asia. Similar to the European Union, but lesser features focusing only connecting people to people, especially connecting young generations throughout Asia. Unfortunately, the Asian leaders are not addressing this important issue in Asia. Politically speaking, Asians aren’t informed about the current reality. We need super awakening in Asia. Therefore, young Asians must bring a positive change in Asia. The young Asians have two choices. They can make a history; or ignore the current reality and let history repeat itself.

Remember, China, India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. A nuclear war will have a lifelong devastating impact on Asia. The West is desperate to continue to rule the world. Without a doubt the West has developed its knowledge and playing its game accordingly; but the leaders in the developing countries are not catching up. The Great Britain’s population was only five million when the British ruled the world. After the collapse of the Roman Empire the knowledgeable people from the Roman Empire moved to Great Britain and helped the British to conquer the world. Those people were desired for knowledge so they could rule the world.

We have billions of people in Asia, still desire to have more children, but not for knowledge. This has to change, we must desire for knowledge. The Indian Subcontinent has two billion people. Why the Indian Subcontinent needs this much population? What is the point? The South Asian leaders must think differently. Otherwise we will continue to be merely just the majority in numbers; this won’t help us to dominate Asia or the world. Australasia is close to Asia, but the Westerners are ruling it; our own region is still dominating by the West. This has to change. We must desire for knowledge to work together; fighting among ourselveswill only keep the West on top. Can the Asians maintain peace in Asia, if the US withdraws its defense forces from Japan and South Korea? This is a very serious question, the Asian leaders must think and move forward to answer it.


I have a business degree and business diplomas from Australia. I have been working as an Accountant. I have lived in four continents and traveled to more than twenty five countries to understand cultures, languages, religions and political systems. I have read more than three hundred books to understand world history, cultures, languages, communism, capitalism, human development, democracy, global economics and international politics. I have also done two researches.

My First Research Paper 2007–2009: “What are the stumbling blocks for Asians to prosper as the world’s majority in Asia as well as in the world.” I have chosen this thesis, and the research materials; because the billions of Asians are divided, and they don’t have a protocol to unite Asia to move forward. Plus the Western Universities won’t offer this kind of thesis to help the Asians to dominate Asia or the world.

My Second Research Paper 2009–2011: “What made the Western countries so powerful, and what it takes them to keep their power” Again I have chosen this thesis, as well as the research materials; because the Western countries won’t offer this kind of thesis to tell the world how they have been ruling the world, and how are they intend to carry-on to rule the world.

Antany Peter,  BBus

Accountant and Part-time Human rights writer

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