A remarkable letter to China and Russia Ambassadors to Sri Lanka

I have realised how important my role as a writer after I was denied justice by the Western countries and South Asia. They all have been supporting the Australian leaders who had deleted my citizenship due to my writings. Deleting a citizenship in a democratic country without a court order is the geopolitical blunder of a generation. I would like to dedicate the following letter to the Australian leaders, and for the others who support them.

His Excellency Mr. Yi Xianliang, Ambassador, Embassy of the People's Republic of China, 381A Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

His Excellency Mr. Alexander A. Karchava, Ambassador, Embassy of the Russian Federation, 404, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

Date: 06th of November 2017

Your Excellencies,

Re: Deliberate setbacks of South Asia and its fall

"Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness'" Likewise, people who born in South Asia think questioning the West is an illness. Since Gandhi's death, the West completely changed the mindset of South Asian leaders. Once South Asian leaders got access to power, money and fame they hardly think about integrity or loyalty. Ironically, they don't stop talking about their religion or democracy. Frequently, the South Asian leaders visit temples and talk about democracy, but cheat and lie more than the Chinese Communist Party leaders. The West won't say a word about the South Asian leaders’ corruption, as long as they fulfill the West's agendas. In fact, the West loves South Asian leaders who rob their own people, and undermine their own intellectuals; because this helps the West to keep its dominant power. India is the most corrupt country in Asia, but the West doesn't say a word about it, but loves it. Corrupt India is an assurance for the West's uninterruptible dominant power.

South Asia has more population than China. South Asia’s success is threat to the Western powers. Therefore, the West would not have given the independence, if there was no assurance to continue to rule South Asia. The Congress party in India and the Ceylon National Congress were created with the blessing and guidance of the West. The Ceylon National Congress later paved the way for the formation of the United National Party. South Asia fought against the West, but follows the West. Basically, the South Asian leaders listen to their enemies to govern their country. People like Xi Jinping have been isolated or eliminated in South Asia. South Asia is not successful as China, but it has been duped by the West. However, the West has been portraying South Asia as a successful region, in order to trick the Chinese leaders and other developing countries leaders. India is the most corrupt country in Asia; it created a ruthless terrorism in Sri Lanka. India’s leadership has been failed.

South Asia doesn't have even one university ranked within 200 in the world. It couldn't get a gold medal during the last two Olympic Games. It couldn’t even capitalize the English language, even though South Asia was a British Colony. South Asia has almost two billion people, and it could have done wonders with the population; if the South Asian leaders have made their decisions wisely. Clearly, the South Asian leaders have betrayed their people. I have visited China, and met the young people who have been brought up under the ‘one child policy.’ Those Chinese young people are well equipped with knowledge and skills than young people in South Asia. South Asian leaders continue to keep their people in dark for their own benefits. Hindus pour milk, honey and fruits on stones to get blessed while millions of Indians are starving without food. Worse of all, Hindu priests who conduct foolish rituals have been classified as high caste among the Hindus.

Most of the Sri Lankan Tamils are Hindus and they practice the same. Clearly, the West has defeated South Asia, and it has been trying to do the same to China. However, the Chinese leaders are wise, and they won't fall into the Western trap. The West wants the developing countries to follow India. This is a trick of the Western powers, in order to undermine the developing countries. If the West had done the right things for South Asia; why South Asia is behind China? Without a doubt the West had duped South Asian leaders. Once upon a time the Russians were also followed the West. The Chinese are wise; they won’t follow their enemies as Indians and Russians. I am well aware that the West has deceived South Asia and other parts of the world in the name of democracy. India's policies have been unsuccessful since its independence. Its ideology has been changed since Prime Minister Modi took the office; but he hasn't done enough to lift India's role as the leader in Asia.

Since the independence the Sri Lankan leaders have been looking somewhere else to develop their country through foreign direct investments. Former President J R Jayewardene made a moved to get help from the United States of America to develop the country as Singapore. However, he failed to unite the country. India felt threatened by Sri Lanka’s action; therefore, hijacked the Sri Lanka’s internal conflict, and created Tamil armed groups to divide and conquer Sri Lanka. Sadly, India continues to divide and rule, in order to keeps its dominant power in South Asia. This strategy can be successful in a short term, but in the long term it will backfire on India. I believe that within few decades India will lose Sri Lanka. Current leaders will continue to support India. However, younger political leaders won't tolerate India's divide and rule strategy. Hon. Minister Namal Rajapaksa's recent actions are clearly and loudly indicating the Sri Lanka's future moves.

China will have a significant advantage in the strategic location of Indian Ocean by leading Tamils.

The West knows how to isolate people like me, in order to achieve its interests. I was born in South Asia; therefore isolation becomes easier for the West with the help of South Asian leaders. The West has been isolating me by its propaganda. Tamils always believe the foreign powers more than their own intellectuals. It has been their practice since the West started to rule Sri Lanka from 1505. There was a time Tamils were representing the majority Sinhalese under the British rule. This had been done to divide Sinhalese and Tamils. The British rulers gave wrong ideas to Tamils. This is the reason Tamils never went for a solution, even though they had opportunities to find a solution well before the independence. The West loves Tamils, because Tamils wholeheartedly follow the foreign powers, no questions asked. The Sri Lankan Tamil political leaders did not demand for federal system or even a separate state under the British ruling; because the British spoiled Tamils by giving too much.

The Sri Lankan Tamil leaders’ request was granted long time ago by the Sinhalese leaders, but the Tamil leaders weren’t smart enough to accept it. Tamil leaders always look for ways to create disasters not solutions. The federal solution was suggested by S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike in 1926. The Kandyan Sinhala leaders recommended a federal arrangement of two units for Sinhalese and one unit comprising the North–East for Tamils in 1927, but the Tamil leaders opposed it. Second opportunity came when G G Ponnambalam was the leader; Sinhalese generously agreed for 40:60 solution even though Tamils' population wasn't 40% at that time. But Tamil leaders rejected it and wanted 50:50; later on decided to take arms from New Delhi to kill their fellow countrymen. Then the third opportunity came through Indo-Lanka agreement. Again the Tamil leaders rejected the good offer, but decided to listen to the West, and turned their guns towards their fellow Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese and Indians.

The Tamil Diaspora leaders fell into the trap of the West; and pushed the LTTE to fight against the IPKF. This mistake became the biggest disaster in the Sri Lankan history, including killing the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Still the majority of Tamils do not understand why India created Tamil armed groups, and why the LTTE fought against the IPKF. More than hundred thousand people have died; and more than two hundred thousand people have injured since Tamils have refused to accept the Indo-Lanka agreement. The Tamils leaders have been fulfilling the foreign interests; instead of making right policies for their own people. Tamils are still faithful to foreign powers. Therefore, giving power to Tamils is giving power to foreign powers. If Sri Lanka gives power to Tamils surely it will lose its trump card as a country located in the strategic location of the Indian Ocean.

Tamil armed groups have eliminated their own leaders and intellectuals more than any other terrorist groups in the world. The United Nations, the Western and Tamil diaspora leaders had done nothing when the Tamil armed groups were mercilessly gunned down each other group members, and assassinating political leaders and intellectuals far more than any other terrorist group in the world. Last forty years Tamils have listened to the foreign powers, avoided wise Tamils and gone backward. This is why they have ended up in this sad status even though Tamils are five times in population in the world than Sinhalese. Tamil leaders blindly support the foreign powers for their own perks and benefits. That is why Tamils have nothing after thirty years of brutal war. I have urged the Sinhalese and Asian leaders to watch Sri Lankan Tamil leaders’ moves carefully to avoid disasters.

Tamil leaders had done nothing when I guided them to a right path. My articles and comments never published in the Diasporas’ media or in the mainstream Tamil media in Sri Lanka. Tamil leaders had done nothing when I suffered for exposing the hardships of Australian and Canadian Aboriginal people. Tamil leaders turned a blind eye when the Australian government deleted my citizenship. Tamil leaders never said a word when the Canadian government remanded me under false accusation. Not a single Tamil leader felt sorry for me when Nazi Germans stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral. Germany was bombed and destroyed by the Americans, British, Canadians, Australians and others during the First and Second World Wars. However, Germany stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral because I exposed Australians’ and Canadians’ double standards. Even Nazis know the power of unity; they know that they have to stick together as Westerners to undermine the developing countries.

None of my family members or relatives is in my Facebook’s friends list. This shows the status of South Asia, especially about Tamils. I am in South Asia since 2015. I have informed to the South Asian leaders and media about my struggles as a writer in the Western countries; but nobody could say a word against the West. South Asia continually increases its population in the name of democracy. However, its housing, transport, education, and employment sectors do not grow as much as the population. India continues to keep Tamils in dark to achieve its interest. Therefore, China must make a move in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The Chinese government must open Chinese Consulates in the North and East of Sri Lanka to counterattack India’s divide and conquer strategy. Remember, India made Tamil youths as ruthless terrorists, in order to divide and conquer Sri Lanka. Therefore, it will do it again; if China doesn’t lead and guide Sri Lankan Tamils.

Yours sincerely,
Antany Peter.

Letter to China, India and Russia Ambassadors to Sri Lanka

His Excellency Mr. Yi Xianliang, Ambassador, Embassy of the People's Republic of China, 381A Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

His Excellency Mr. Taranjit Singh Sandhu, High Commissioner, High Commission of India, 36-38 Galle Road, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.

His Excellency Mr. Alexander A. Karchava, Ambassador, Embassy of the Russian Federation, 404, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

Date: 26th of May 2017

Your Excellencies,

Re: The Asian Century is becoming merely a daydream.

The murder of Kim Jong Nam is flashing warning lights that China is not in control. China clearly indicated that the North Korean leader is behaving like a spoiled child. Therefore, this spoiled child can be easily misled by others who want to undermine China. Attack on North Korea is an attack on China. It will be a huge failure on China's strategy; if the North Korean leadership goes crazy; and gives an opportunity for the Western powers and its allies to attack on North Korea. The war between the West and China is not a matter of if but when. The sooner the better for the West; because, it will take another one or two decades for China to match up with the Western defence capabilities. Therefore, the West will do everything to find an excuse to start the war to defeat China. However, China is not playing wisely. The Asian Century is becoming merely a daydream.

The West may act now to start the war to keep its dominant power, because China is getting stronger. In ten years the war may cause lots of damages to the West; in twenty years the West can be defeated. I believe that Russia is playing well. We should play against the West indirectly until we become more powerful. Therefore, we shouldn’t allow the West to undermine Asia by allowing North Korean regime to go crazy. We should pressure the West to get into a panic mode to make mistakes; then we should use those mistakes against the West by exposing to the international community. From now on the West will go crazy, because it can't handle while the dragon become stronger and collaborating with Russians. If you are an Asian this is the century for you to live to see the West's panic and its fall. We shouldn't make mistakes and give opportunities for the West to attack on Asia.

If Adolf Hitler fought against the British instead of Russians the Second World War results would have been significantly different. Few scholars wrote that Adolf Hitler was misled by his intelligent staff to fight against Russians instead of fight against the British. I wouldn’t surprise, because the British have the capability to mislead anyone anywhere in the world. The British have wealth of knowledge. After the collapse of the Roman Empire the knowledgeable people from the Roman Empire moved to Great Britain and helped the British to conquer the world. Therefore, China must not take lightly on the Great Britain, and shouldn’t make the same mistake as Adolf Hitler. China must always maintain a good relationship with Russia. If London becomes ash, the rest of the Five Eyes member countries will become emotionally paralyze. This will help the Asians to move forward and secure Asia easily.

Every strategy to conquer others’ homelands is conceived in London. The rest of the Five Eyes member countries go along with the plan. According to the Independent newspaper of London, Britain discussed plans to exploit Iraq’s oil reserves with some of the world’s biggest oil companies five months before it joined the United States by invading the country in 2003. Citing previously secret documents, the newspaper said at least five meetings were held between British officials and BP and Royal Dutch Shell in late 2002. BP privately said to the British Foreign Office that Iraq was "more important than anything we’ve seen for a long time." The documents were obtained by the oil campaigner Greg Muttitt, author of the new book Fuel on the Fire: Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq. “Mr. Blair famously said in early 2003, ‘The idea that we’re interested in Iraq’s oil is absurd, it’s one of the most absurd conspiracy theories you can imagine”. While he was saying that, there was an internal secret document revealing the British strategy to exploit Iraqi oil, and it said, “Britain has an absolutely vital interest in Iraq’s oil”.

The Five Eyes member countries are the masters at occupying the high ground, and translating it into great power. The Five Eyes member countries had killed millions of innocent people, yet they present themselves as moral superiors. In fact, the British knew the meaning of democracy and human rights from the 12th century, but they never practised it while killing millions of innocent people on genocide to takeover others’ homelands for resources. The Americans, Australians, Canadians and Kiwis don’t live in their own country, but on others’ homelands. The Chinese, Indians and Russians live in their homelands; but listening to the Five Eyes on human rights, democracy, and rule of law. When this will end? If the Five Eyes can win the war against China as they had won the First and the Second World Wars then it is clear that the billions of Asians followed an ideology instead of pragmatism. If Asia fails, the Asian leaders have betrayed the billions of Asians.

Taiaiake Alfred is a Kahnawake Mohawk educator and writer and the founding director of the University of Victoria's Indigenous Governance Program. He accused those celebrated the 400th birthday of America in 2007, as turning a blind eye to the genocide of the continent's native people. "It's hard for a native person to be anything but shocked and saddened to the core by the effrontery of it all. In essence, a surreptitious celebration of the conquest of our homeland, and the destruction of our people; in the service of imperialism, and the expansion of the white race. It marks the era that saw indigenous peoples ravaged by diseases introduced by European settlers; on average, Aboriginal communities lost 75 per cent of their populations, and the dispossession of their homelands by fraud and deceit - not a single treaty entered into by the English Crown or the US has been honoured by the settlers."

Yours sincerely,

Antany Peter,

Letter to the United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka

His Excellency Atul Keshap, The AmbassadorC/O Ms. Tameisha Henry, Political Officer, Embassy of the United States of America, 210 Galle Road, Colombo – 03, Sri Lanka.

Date: 08th of June 2016

Your Excellency,

Re: I urge you to help me to help others

I have been writing to spread awareness nationally and internationally about the Australian Aboriginal communities’ and refugees' harsh life in Australia. Due to my writings, I was threatened by the government intelligence members. During the final semester of my business degree in 2004 I was banned from the RMIT University while I was making local and international students aware of Australia’s harsh treatment of its Aboriginal people and refugees. However, the University allowed me to sit for the final exams under security as a prisoner.

In 2008 the Australian government stole my passport, deleted my citizenship details from the database, and threatened to throw me in a detention centre as an illegal immigrant. My citizenship certificate no: ME9701311V, issued on 26/03/1997 has disappeared from the system. Still the Australian government hasn't given a reason for deleting my citizenship. I wrote to the United Nations, and also to the other country leaders about this barbaric action. Due to the International pressure, the Australian government had decided to reinstate my citizenship in September 2008. Finally, in October 2008 I received a passport and moved out of Australia; I haven’t stepped into Australia ever since.

The Australian government put me in hell. I couldn’t access to employment, unemployment benefit or health care. I am still traumatized by the Australian government's barbaric actions, and not comfortable to step into Australia. Therefore, I need your help to get justice, and make sure that I am safe in Australia. The Australian government is good in its propaganda. Most of the well-known lawyers have declined to take my case, because of the Australian government’s negative propaganda. The Australian government won't allow me to fight my case, because it will be an international embarrassment for Australia.

I need your help to get a human rights lawyer to hear my case in the Australian court. Do not continue to ignore the truth. If you do, you are approving the Australian government’s misdeeds indirectly. Convicts came, killed Aboriginal people and took over the country. How hard for them to delete my citizenship? You can't blindly support injustice, at the same time preach democracy and human rights to rule the world. As a matter of fact there are serious consequences for turning against individuals like me. If you fail to do what is right, the West will lose it. You will lose it sooner than you have anticipated.

“Americans believe certain human rights are universal, including the right for every child to an education; for the rule of law to prevent arbitrary detention, guarantee due process, and ensure justice; for every citizen to speak their mind or protest peacefully without fear; to practice their faith peacefully and publicly; and to freely choose their own elected leaders.” - Atul Keshap the United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka.

Yours sincerely,

Antany Peter, 

Accountant/Human Rights Writer,

Letter to the Secretary General of SAARC

His Excellency Arjun Bahadur Thapa, Secretary General of SAARC, SAARC Secretariat, PO Box 4222, Tridevi Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Date: 15th of June 2016

Your Excellency,

Re: Why do I believe that China must lead Asia

South Asia was ruled by the West for almost 500 years. The West knows too well about South Asians; therefore it will be too easy to undermine them. I have seen it in my own life how easily the West has isolated me from my family members, school friends and relatives due time my writings. South Asians are too close and too fearful to the West. South Asia's foreign policy is similar to Singapore's foreign policy. It is fine for Singapore, because it is a dot in the world map. But for the region which has the  largest population in the world to have similar foreign policy as Singapore is shame for the majority Asians who are in billions, and disgraceful for Gandhi who fought to free South Asia from the West.

I personally don't believe that South Asia can lead Asia for the following reasons. Billions of South Asians never said a word when the Australian government deleted my citizenship due to my writings about the struggles of Australian Aboriginal people. Billions of South Asians turned a blind eye when the Canadian government put me in a prison under false accusation when I exposed the Canadian Aboriginal people's hardships. The region has the largest population in the world never felt sorry for me when Nazi Germans stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral in Sri Lanka due to my writings. The West won't easily allow intellectual like me to be benefited by South Asians. That is the difference between the winners and losers.

The West knows how to trick South Asian leaders so well, so they keep away from smart South Asians to remain under the West. The South Asia has more population than China, but not a leader or media has mentioned about my hardships or struggles as a writer; or done anything to help me to get justice. As the largest region in population in the world it couldn't even get a gold medal during the last Olympics Games in London. How can I expect anything decent from South Asians? Few years ago an American described about myself to others as 'Unbelievably Intelligent'. Only smart people can identify other smart people. I don't think that South Asians are evolved enough to make such a statement. According to you, in which century India will be able to make such a statement about their fellow South Asian intellectuals who were not born in India?

Yours sincerely,

Antany Peter.



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